This Week's Featured News and Notices

Pilgrim Course

You are warmly invited to join a group of people learning about Christian faith together. Everyone is very welcome, whether you have a background in faith or are exploring for the first time. For more information visit the Pilgrim website.

Adele's letter 17th January - Second Sunday of Epiphany

Let us all know God is always with us, especially as these difficult times continue and we are physically separated from family and friends. Let us try to keep each other going with support at a distance using the internet, phone or other means such as letter writing.
'We are pilgrims on a journey, fellow travellers on the road; we are here to help each other walk the mile and bear the load.’

Adele's letter 10th January - Baptism of Christ

As we enter the new lockdown let us know for ourselves and others that nothing is impossible without God. Let us shine a light of joy and hope to others in these difficult times.

St Mary's on Facebook

Keep up to date and join in with our facebook page.

Forest Church

Please keep praying for Matt and Mary and the new people engaging through the St Mary’s Forest Church page on Facebook and maybe take a look yourself.