St. Mary’s Church is located about two miles west of Loughborough town centre, on the Nanpantan Road.

Within easy reach from the M1 or the A6 from Leicester, it is close to the crossroads which houses The Priory pub and restaurant (the car park for which can be used for parking on Sundays).

If travelling from Loughborough town centre, follow Forest Road all the way (it turns into the Nanpantan Road after a short while) and St. Mary’s Church is on the left several hundred metres after The Priory crossroad.

The postcode is LE11 3YF.




Public Transport

Unfortunately there is no close public transport on a Sunday or in the Evenings.

Weekdays & Saturdays

Paul S. Winson 129 – Ashby stops at the Priory Pub, it is then a 200m walk up the hill.


Kinch Bus 12 goes as far as the Valley Road/Forest Road Junction. Then walk approx 2 km / 1.25 miles up Nanpantan Road. On a Sunday this bus could be used to attend 11am service.
From the Train Station on a weekday or Saturday, there are a variety of buses regularly serving the town centre. However, on a Sunday you would need to walk into town.