St Mary-in-Charnwood Notices text for Printing

Holy Week 2021 - Services and Events

Welcome to Holy Week at St Mary’s. Together we will be remembering the events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection through online services, as well as in the church and woodland. Links to online services will be emailed as reminders throughout the week. If you would like to be added to our email list please ask

Thanks to the many volunteer stewards, readers, intercessors, and leaders who make all this possible!

Adele's letter - 18th and 25th July and Big Story 2 and 3

The letter covers the next 2 weeks notices due to annual leave so is longer than normal with lots to tell you about what is happening at St Mary's.

Thanksgiving Sunday

We thank God for all his blessings to us. Money is always a difficult subject to discuss but the last 15 months have seen St Marys income fall dramatically with prices continuing to rise. Please consider making a one-off donation using a debit or credit card, using the link on this website: Choose “Contact us” from the menu at the top and then “Make a donation” and if you pay tax, please Gift Aid by filling in the short form on the same drop down menu. This can be either a one off or regular gift. Or if you already support us financially, please consider an increase to your regular giving.
Cash or cheques can be accepted too by contacting
Thank you for all you do whether financial, practical, or spiritual.

Adele's letter -11th July - Big Story 1

This week we begin a sermon series that will take us through the summer, giving an overview of the Big Story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Family Fun Days

Come and join us at St Marys for some Family Fun Days! On the 20th, 21st and 22nd of August we will be thinking about different heroes from the bible and exploring their stories through games, activities and crafts in the woods. The morning session is repeated in the afternoon.

Adele's letter - 4th July Rogation Sunday

We give thanks for time with family or away from home and daily routines and thank those who have provided support during the last 15 months especially.

Eco Church

Are you interested in protecting the environment? You need no specific knowledge about environmental issues but all over 10 years old are welcome to join us - Zoom meetings at first . This group will initially focus on applying for eco church status and will probably then be investigating ways that both the church and individual members can lower their carbon footprint, and then decide upon the best way forward.
For more information about eco church click on the link below and please contact the parish office by email:

Adele's letter 27th June - Thanksgiving Sunday

A time for reflection to count our blessings - God loves us so much that He sent His son to die for us to come back to Him.

Trichy Urgent Appeal

Please support the appeal Bishop Martyn has launched to raise £80,000 to purchase an ambulance, ventilator, oxygen concentrator and other equipment to help with the fight against Covid in the Trichy Diocese. If you would like to donate , and thank you for your generosity, details for payments are below.

Adele's letter 20th June - Trinity 3

As we continue with restrictions on our lives, we reflect that it is not always easy to keep trusting through times of suffering. However, Jesus promised he would never leave us and we can hold out that hope for one another.

Advocate Slot - Trichy Link

Our Advocate Slot this month is for the Trichy linked diocese in Tamil Nadu , India. Full details of prayer pointers and reasons for thanks are in Adele's letter of 20th June. The link to financially support Bishop Martyn's Appeal is above and all support very much appreciated.

Adele's letter 13th June - Trinity 2

Recognising God's sovereignty and giving thanks for a love that won't let us go and simply asks us to receive his help and restoration.

Advocate slot - Laura Centre

Please support in prayer all families affected by bereavement, the counsellors and for ongoing funding.

Great British Spring Clean 28th May to 13th June 2021

We NEED more hours picked this week please! As a church we are registered for the “Great British Spring Clean” with a pledge to complete as a group 24-hour litter picking. Due to covid-19 we suggest that this be completed in the neighbourhood in which you live. At a minimum we advise that you wear protective gloves and sturdy shoes, also please ensure that you keep within your personal capabilities. Where possible please recycle and dispose of the waste in your own bins.
Further advice and tips available at Clean-up preparation and safety advice | Keep Britain Tidy. It would be great if we could keep a daily tally of what we had achieved each day so please let the parish Office know by email or phone, the result will be displayed on Facebook.

Adele's letter 6th June - Trinity 1

Let us have rest, be uplifted, serve one another and shine with the light of Christ in all we do.

Giving a vaccine

One way to express our thankfulness for vaccines received, and show love for our neighbours, is to donate towards vaccines for others around the world. The Church of England is supporting the VaccinAid campaign led by UNICEF UK. Find more information on the Church of England page.

Adele's letter 30th May - Trinity

An inspiring way to start each day is with the prayer that .... everything we do we do as if to Jesus.

Shaped by God Local Conversation

You are invited to attend a meeting to hear more about ‘Shaped by God Together’ and to explore three possible models for ministry in the future that the diocese is considering. This is an important opportunity to give feedback and contribute ideas to the process. Please follow this link to the SBGT Local Conversation Invitation which gives further background information and preparatory reading which it would be helpful if you could read ahead of the meeting.

Adele's letter 16th May - Thy Kingdom Come

To see God’s kingdom come, with its reign of righteousness, justice, mercy, and peace is the Christian vision for all peoples – ‘the big picture’ of our mission and calling. That big picture is slowly built by the little things we do each day.

Peace video

So we can update the Peace video please send your new videos of you offering the peace no later than 7pm on the 16th May at this Dropbox address.
Or let the parish Office know if you would like your old video to be reused.

Adele's Letter 23rd May - Pentecost

This week is the Church's birthday, because we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit - the Helper - at Pentecost.

Adele's letter 2nd May - Easter 5

In a world that can feel scary and dark as we see pictures of continued suffering around the world, it's good to be reminded of that hope that we have, empowering us to continue reaching out with compassion in whatever ways we can to bring God's light and hope to others.

Adele's letter 9th May - Easter 6

Change can be hard but we are minded to open ourselves to the changes God may require of us and commit to encouraging one another in order that we might grow and bear much fruit. ‘I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.’ (John 15:5)

Christian Aid

Our advocate slot this month is for Christian Aid as it celebrates it 75th year - it carries out relief development and advocacy work through more than 40 churches and 500 local organisations in the UK. Christian Aid week is coming up May 10th to 17th with a link below to donate. Please support the coffee morning at Loughborough Baptist Church Saturday 22nd May 10- 12 am.

Adele's letter 25th April - Easter 4

It is hoped that we have all been able to enjoy something of the Spring weather recently and appreciate the beauty and meaning of all things.