St Mary-in-Charnwood Notices text for Printing

Secret Structures/ Hidden Stories

A free arts workshop open to anyone regardless of skills starting in January 2021 - full details in Adele's letter 8th November

Music to Remember Concert – Saturday 30th October at 7:30pm

A concert in memory of those who have died during the COVID pandemic will take place in St Mary’s from 7:30pmwith refreshments. Music will be performed by Jeremy Kimber, Jenny Saunders, and David Morris with friends from church. In order to facilitate ventilation, numbers are restricted to 50 so please book your place by clicking here and think of friends outside of church whom you could invite and book in too.

Morning Prayer - Daily at 9am

Everyone is welcome to join us for morning prayer each day at 9am. Please contact Adele for the zoom details.

Thy Kingdom come

Join the global wave of prayer calling all Christians to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know the love and peace of Jesus Christ. May 21st - May 31st 2020.

Forest Church

Please keep praying for Matt and Mary and the new people engaging through the St Mary’s Forest Church page on Facebook and maybe take a look yourself.

Pentecost Message - Pope Francis

As part of our thinking about 'a better world' and the need for change, I thought I'd share with you a couple of Pentecost messages I found thought-provoking. This first one comes from an event for Thy Kingdom Come - the Archbishop of Canterbury led a service with contributions from church leaders of many denominations including the Pope, who gave a homily addressing the need for change which you can see by clicking more details.

Pentecost Message - Bishop Martyn

As part of our thinking about 'a better world' and the need for change, I thought I'd share with you a couple of Pentecost messages I found thought-provoking: This one is from Bishop Martyn. In his weekly message he challenged us to think about how we translate our whole life as church into the new context we find ourselves in. Click more details to play the video.

Adele's Letter Sunday 31 May 2020

Adele looks forward to Pentecost this Sunday, and further ahead to our next sermon series based on the Tearfund resource ‘The World Rebooted’.

St Mary's YouTube Channel

All our online services are on the St Mary's YouTube channel. You can view these on computer, phone, tablet and TVs with compatible apps. The link to the latest service is always on the website. If you watch on a TV app make sure you do find first the Playlists section of our Channel to see the videos and songs in order!

St Mary's on Facebook

Keep up to date and join in with our facebook page.

Sharing the Peace - again!

Wasn't the peace video great? Matt sends his apologies that a few people got left off by mistake. He has very kindly added them in now, which gives us the perfect excuse for showing it again this Sunday! We've put it on our YouTube channel as a separate video which you can see anytime with this link

Adele's Letter for Trinity Sunday

Adele introduces our new sermon series considering how we might build on recent experiences to create a better world for the future. There are also links to related Pentecost messages from Pope Francis and Bishop Martyn.

Wednesdays at 12

This is the final week of our series 'Exploring Prayer' with the Archbishop of Canterbury. This week we will be discussing videos 4 and 5 in a short and informal discussion at the Wednesdays at 12 zoom meeting (password stmarys). You can find videos by clicking more details

Patchwork Banner - A Reminder

A reminder ... everyone is invited to decorate a green fabric square (4, 6 or 8 inches + border) using whatever technique you choose. When sewn together, we hope this will form a banner that speaks of our continued faith and hope through this time of separation. Please contact Katherine Hetzel for more details.

Adele's Letter - Sunday 14 June - Greater Togetherness

Adele writes to introduce the theme of "Greater Togetherness" for this Sunday's Service, welcoming Lusa Nsenga Ngoy who will be preaching, and encouraging us to reflect again on our vision priorities and what it might mean to be truly ‘Open’ and ‘Connected’. Click more details to read the letter.

Planning for Opening Church for Private Prayer

I expect you will have heard the government announcement that churches can now open for private prayer
when they can do so safely. Please pray for us as we plan for how we can do this in a way that is welcoming but also sustainable and safe for both visitors and volunteers.

Sunday Service - 21 June - Valuing Life

This week we continue our series based on the Tearfund video 'The World Rebooted' - this Sunday exploring the second strand 'Valuing Life' with some challenging Bible passages which I think raise lots of questions.

LCP Prayer for Loughborough

Loughborough Churches Partnership has produced a video of church leaders praying an amplified version of the Lord's Prayer for Loughborough. It will be shown at the end of Sunday's service and you can followo the link below to watch it. Please share the link with local friends and neighbours.

Adele's Letter - 21 June 2020

Adele introduces the Valuing Life sunday service and talks about how we might open the church for private prayer.

Advocate Slot - Laura Centre, Prayer Pointers

Our advocate slot this month is the Laura Centre and there will be an update during the service on Sunday. The prayer pointers can be found below.
1. Please pray for all families directly affected by bereavement at this time.
2. Please pray for the healing work of the Laura Centre, helping bereaved families and individuals as they come to terms with their loss.
3. Please pray for the Counsellors -for their wisdom in supporting each person and each family and give them the strength to continue with their important work.
4. Please pray that, through God's grace, the ongoing fundraising needs are met this year and into the future.

Opening Church - Update

We are hoping that we may be able to open on Sunday afternoons, from Sunday 28 June, at 3pm for 2 half hour slots. The 2m rule means there will be 6 spaces in the pews in the first half hour - (a space is for an individual or 2 members of a household) and 4 spaces in the second half hour (because the designated spaces move forward a pew to avoid using the same area twice). If necessary, people will be asked to wait outside and we hope to be able to open the woodland as an alternative place to pray, with a one-way system in place.

Opening Church - Private Prayer

We will be opening the church building for private prayer this Sunday June 28th at 3pm for an hour. We have thought very carefully about how to manage this as safely as possible and a separate letter will be sent out giving details. Please be aware that the number of people we can accommodate is extremely restricted.

Worship Survey - Thank you!

Thank you to those who responded to the survey. Overall, there was a very positive response to the online services we have been able to do and I’m grateful for your encouragement and support. I still need to phone a few more people and will then discuss the responses with standing committee before reporting back to you all in my letter next week.

Open for Private Prayer - Sunday's 3pm to 4pm

Open for Private Prayer - It was lovely to welcome a few more people for private prayer last week in small numbers that felt we could operate safely. We will be opening the Church building and woodland again this Sunday from 3-4pm and hope to give priority to those who have not been before. Therefore, can I ask that if you came last week and would like to come again, please come prepared to use the woodland in the first instance.

Adele's Letter - Sunday 12 July - Into the unknown

Adele considers the unknown's of our current plans, as a society can we build back better with the deeper changes we have been discussing over recent weeks and what does church look like in the future?