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Giving to Others - Mission Partners

St Mary’s supports mission partners both in this country and overseas.


We tithe 10% of our voluntary income to these ministries. Every month an advocate speaks on behalf of one of the Charities we support at our Sunday Services –telling us about the Charity, their plans and their prayer needs.

Loughborough Child Contact Centre - a  place for children to meet with parents with whom they no longer live after relationship breakdown.

Steps Centre, Shepshed - dedicated to helping children with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders.

The Children's Society - works with children and young people who feel scared, unloved and unable to cope. 

The Laura Centre - bereavement service and visiting counsellors.

The Soar Project - local evangelistic organisation partnering with local churches in outreach to schools.

CSI St Mary's Puddukkottai - our link church in south India.

  • Christian Aid - a partnership of people, churches and local organisations committed to ending poverty worldwide.

  • Hoveraid - Using hovercraft to bring aid to remote communities.

  • Intercare - sends targeted medical aid to rural health units in some of the poorest parts of Africa

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