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Inter Care - Advocate Slot

Painted Greek Island

Inter Care sends targeted medical aid to over 100 Christian health Mission hospitals and clinics in 5 sub-Saharan African Countries providing lifesaving healthcare to where there are huge levels of poverty coupled with a severe lack of resources. Locally full and part-time staff and over 50 volunteers are based in Syston to support the work. See the link below to Inter Care's website
Please pray for:
• All those who receive the help from Inter Care, many of whom are very sick and whose families may have travelled hours on foot to get to the clinics for their healing and recovery.
• Prayers for the staff at Inter Care’s Mission partner health units, who work tirelessly to treat vulnerable patients and are coping with Covid both among staff and patients, and do not have the advantage of courses of vaccinations to the same extent as in the UK.
• The medical aid sent reaches the destinations safely.
• The volunteers in Syston, who dedicate their time to support Inter Care, doing God’s work.
• For awareness of the value and need for Inter Care’s work in Africa to grow across the UK.
• For the inspiration and further development and opportunities from UK pharmaceutical and wholesale companies.
• For help from the public, both in recycling and financial support.

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13 January 2022 at 00:00:00

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