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Christmas Church Decorating

Painted Greek Island

In previous years we have decorated the church with different themes- angels, doves, sheep etc. and this has been the taken on by the flower team and volunteers. Last year we held craft sessions inviting all ages of the congregation and their families and friends which was very special. This year we are planning to fill the church with Christmas Trees and we would like to involve the church, its various groups and the wider community to help us with this. The trees would be Eco based, which supports our ethos for sustainability, therefore we would like trees made of wood, twigs, paper, cardboard rolls, paper cups, card, or anything else your inspiration takes you to (images will soon be available to give some ideas). We will need trees of various sizes; for the windows they ideally should be maximum 3ft 6 inches in height or less and we will need at least 1 for each window about 10 in total. If you feel you can commit to a larger tree that would be
wonderful - please let us know. If this seems a little daunting, we will also require numerous small trees which we can give away, which can be crafted from wool, paper, pinecones, lollipop sticks, card, material, string, ribbon etc. We will be holding a craft session on Saturday 2nd December (TBC). All trees would need to be delivered to church on December 9th so we can create the displays. Thank you!

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11 November 2023 at 12:00:00

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