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Advocate Slot - Hover Aid

Painted Greek Island

Prayer Pointers:
• Please give thanks for a successful visit to New Wine and pray that they will find a suitable venue for next year.
• The development and building of the new version of the hovercraft: Please pray that general funds will be realised to continue this and other work (thank you St. Mary’s).
• The trustees and staff in the UK, the Netherlands and Madagascar: Pray that the changes and integration of accounting systems proceed well and a new Country Director in Madagascar be found.
• Give thanks for the Medical Safaris, the rebuilding of the SALFA health post at Ambaladara, and pray for a fruitful project around Maevetenana using our hovercraft to reach remote villages and fully understand the situation in the locality.

Event Date: 

Expiry Date:

Display Priority:

22 August 2022 at 23:00:00

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