The St Mary’s Roll of Honour

The St Mary’s Roll of Honour

In 2010, St Mary’s embarked on a project, to find out some background on the 63 named men who went from Nanpantan to serve in  World War 1. Their names appear on a framed illuminated list at the back of St.  Mary in Charnwood. Originally sited on the West wall, the Roll of Honour was  reframed and moved to the South wall, out of direct sunlight during church  reordering in 2013.  The top of the Roll reads: “Your prayers are asked for those who have gone to serve our King and Country by land and sea and air”.

Below is the roll ordered as written.1 The Roll of Honour reframed 2013

Angrave, Alfred
Angrave, Charles
Angrave, Chas Hubert
Angrave, Edwin
Bartram, Wilfred
Bird, John
Bowley, Gerard
Bowley, Herbert
Buckthorpe, John
Buckthorpe, William
Childs, Edwin
Crew, Sidney
Foxon, Leslie A
Gamble, Herbert
Gaze, John William
Gibbins, Bernard
Gibbins, William
Gimson, Leonard H
Gimson, Wallace H
Harrison, Thomas
Holt, Herbert
Holt, Herbert Walter
Holt, John Henry
Holt, Sidney
Holt, Stephen
Holt, William,
Kelsey, John Percy
Lapsley, Walter
Mills, Chas Matthew
Mills, Philip
Moorhouse, Horace
Parker, Fred
Phipps, Bertram
Phipps, Jack
Roffe, Harry
Simmons, Archie B
Simmons, John A
Small, William
Smith, George
Smith, Herbert
Stockwell, Frank
Stockwell, Herbert
Stokes, Walter
Stokes, Wm Joshua
Thomas, Edward
Topliss, George
Waterfield, Arthur
Gamble, Walter
Buckthorpe, Bertie
Foxon, Arthur G
Gibbins, Francis
Gamble, Walter
Gamble, George
Oswin, John
Oswin, Henry
Walley, Arthur

Flint, Herbert
Moss, Howard J H
Gibbins, John Henry
Stockwell, Albert
Stokes, Wilfred
Holt, Stephen T
Simmons, John Adri


To read the full project, researched and written, by Phil Thorne please click on the link below.

Roll of Honour 2020