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Monday Morning Men’s Meeting

Monday Morning Men’s Meeting

We meet for talks and discussion, at Emmanuel Church, Forest Road, in the winter, and at St Mary in Charnwood, Nanpantan, in the summer.

Meetings usually begin with coffee at 10.30am but please note there are some later and earlier times. We usually finish meetings at noon. Special events during the year include lunches in March and October, a picnic after our June meeting, and outside visits in January and August. Ladies are invited to some of our meetings but all men are welcome to all of our meetings.

Richard Harries: 01509 231358
Martin Hodson: 01509 561281
Simon Lane: 01509 263093

Heavenly Father, We give thanks, as we meet this day, for the friendship, fellowship and support we share with each other. We pray for those of our number who cannot be with us today, for whatever reason. We look to you for strength in the travails of our daily lives, knowing that your love is freely given to us all. Merciful Father, guide us and bless us in all that we say and do, this day and every day. Amen.

If you would like to receive monthly meeting reminders via e-mail, please contact Simon (01509 263093 or e-mail