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Painted Greek Island

Here are some pointers to direct our thoughts and prayers in support of the Neema Crafts community as requested by Ben and Katy -
• pray that we would continue to experience God's miraculous protection from the virus across Tanzania. We have now experienced some cases, but please pray that the death toll remains low.
• continue to pray that that we receive all of the orders and sales we need to pay staff.
• pray that the rains would be 'just right' this year. We are in the middle of the rainy season and they seem to be going well so far - last year we had way too much, and houses were flooded and crops and roads damaged.
• praise God for Chloe who has arrived just in time to promote the new web-shop and market our products further afield.
• praise God too for Joe who has already been put to work designing a range of lower cost furniture for hotels. We are hoping to be commissioned by a new Lutheran guesthouse that is opening up for pastors and their wives. The furniture production should also enable us to train up a new team of deaf carpenters for this sort of work which would be fantastic.
• pray that we can overcome the frustrations to our ministry that seem to have beset us so far in 2021.

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25 February 2021, 00:00:00