Ladies’ Group

Ladies’ Group

Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 7.30pm in St Mary’s Chapter House unless otherwise indicated.


Annual Subscription £12.50 or £1.50 per Meeting


2018 Programme

3 January                            

Combined Service for Ladies’ Organisations at St Mary’s

7 February

Richard Harries – ‘Visit to Peru’

7 March

Emma, Pam and Lynda – ‘Easter Crafts’

26 March              

Holy Week Service at Emmanuel Church 

4 April

AGM and Mary Harries – ‘Royal Maundy Service’

2 May

David Gabe – ‘Hymnology – the study of hymns over the years’

6 June

John Wilcox – ‘The Samaritans at Work’

4 July

Lynne and Edward Atkin – ‘Up at the O2’

8 August

Join with Trefoil Guild for Canal Boat Trip plus lunch

3 September

Combined Service for Ladies’ Organisations at Emmanuel Church

5 September

Beetle Drive

3 October

Anne Speight – ‘Nanpantan Hall and The Pagets’

7 November

Vanessa Savage – ‘Valuer who works for Hansons Auctioneers’

5 December

Katherine Hetzel – ‘Writing with a Christmas Theme’