We believe it is important to help those around us and so we support a wide range of local, national and international charities.

Every month at our Morning Prayer Services an advocate speaks on behalf of one of the Charities we support – both telling us about the Charity and their plans, but also their prayer needs.


Neema Crafts

Following the visit in February to St Mary’s by Katy and Ben Ray, our mission partners in Tanzania, directors of the Neema Crafts Centre for people with disabilities, we have their latest news including “What they found on their return from home leave” and an update on the next phase of the ambitious Housebuilding Project; you’ll recall that the COSMIC Cake Sale raised over £180 which the children chose to donate to the connection of mains water supply to the new houses. 

Ben and Katy Ray, June 2018



We can help them with our prayers and by shopping at the new Neema Crafts online shop


For more about Ben and Katy and the work they do, please click on the link below.





Hope against Cancer

Hope Against Cancer’s focus is to beat cancer rather than manage the consequences. They prioritise research for early detection, treatment and prevention of cancer.  They believe that a strong local research charity has strong benefits for local patients now and in the future.  Hope works for the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, working in partnership with local universities and hospitals. They fund cutting-edge research so that Leicestershire remains a hub of expertise in cancer research and treatment.  For more information please go to:



child-contact-centreAnother of the charities we support – this time, here in Loughborough, is the Loughborough Child Contact Centre who now have a brand new website

which you’re invited to explore.

If you’d like to help “keeping children in touch”, have a  special look at the Volunteering and Fundraising pages on the new website……and then tell your friends.